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After a lot of discussion between our volunteer team, we have made the decision to cancel all drop-in sessions until further notice.

While we appreciate a social distancing policy is in place, We want to be cautious as our sessions are social events and the slings will be tried on by many people, we work with lots of people in vulnerable situations, premature babies, newborns, parents and those with underlying health conditions who we wish to protect, including our own volunteers.

While we do already wash our slings, our concern is that a non-symptomatic carrier of a virus tries on a carrier it can then be passed on to a potentially vulnerable person via that carrier.

In order for us to still be able to offer sling return|swap|hire in this time, we will be offering dropbox collections from Sam's Swinton address. If you would like to hire, return or swap a carrier, please get in touch via Facebook or email to info@slingandmeet.co.uk 
We will be offering an 8-week deal in light for the uncertainty.

Drop Box Offer - 8 Weeks for the price of 6
Standard Membership Hire Offer - £30 for upto 8 weeks (Normally £40)
Annual Membership Hire Offer - £15 for upto 8 weeks (Normally £20)

If you have been asked to self-isolate, have respiratory symptoms or fever or have come into contact with suspected cases, please let us know before returning your carrier.

We are unsure when we will be holding our next session but please do keep an eye on your emails and our social media accounts for updates.


We are a non-profit community group created by volunteer parents for parents & carers. We are here to help families and carers carry babies and children safely and confidently in a comfortable way using slings and carriers.

We offer trained and experienced advice on all aspects of babywearing including a range of slings and carriers for hire to fit from newborn babies to preschoolers, at library sessions we can fit and rent out available slings, help with your own slings, teaching new skills and practising to perfect current skills.

We also offer a range of services to make wearing more accessible to all, including a free newborn stretchy scheme, group workshops and one to one sessions. We run on a first-come-first-served basis. We endeavour to see everyone that arrives but please do remember we are a volunteer service, we try our best to see everyone. Please check in returning hires as soon as you arrive to allow other families to try out.
Standard hire costs £10 for up to 2 weeks, Annual membership hire is £5 for upto 2 weeks. 
A fully refundable deposit is required for each hired sling unless you are part of our membership scheme. 
The deposit amount is dependent on the sling or accessory being borrowed and will be returned in full following the timely return of the sling or accessory undamaged with all additional accessories.

Annual Membership is £20 per year and which entitles you to -

  • Half Price Hire Fee of £5 for upto two weeks rather than £10.
  • No deposit need to be left for any hires.
  • Reduced rates on all workshops and consultations.

Visit our Website for up to date information and advice.

Sling & Meet Team x