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Standard Membership Hire Fees - £10 for up to two weeks


Annual Membership Hire Fees - £5 for up to two weeks


We are a non-profit community group created by volunteer parents for parents & carers. We are here to help families and carers carry babies and children safely and confidently in a comfortable way using slings and carriers.

We offer trained and experienced advice on all aspects of babywearing including a range of slings and carriers for hire to fit from newborn babies to preschoolers, at library sessions we can fit and rent out available slings, help with your own slings, teaching new skills and practising to perfect current skills.


We also offer a range of services to make wearing more accessible to all, including a free newborn stretchy scheme, group workshops and one to one sessions. We run on a first-come-first-served basis. We endeavour to see everyone that arrives but please do remember we are a volunteer service, we try our best to see everyone. Please check in returning hires as soon as you arrive to allow other families to try out.

Our Locations

A little of what we offer and how we run the meets.
Sling meets can get very busy, We aim to offer 10 – 20 minutes with each family to run through one or two carriers of your choice, we will demo to you, then help you get a safe comfortable fit.
If you require more time or would like to learn how to back carry* one to one consultations are available, we have 2 trained babywearing consultants who can offer one 2 one consultations and/or back carry workshops. Please get in touch via our website or email
*We are unable to teach back carries in the library sessions.

Standard hire costs £10 for up to 2 weeks, Annual membership hire is £5 for upto 2 weeks. 
A fully refundable deposit is required for each hired sling unless you are part of our membership scheme. 
The deposit amount is dependent on the sling or accessory being borrowed and will be returned in full following the timely return of the sling or accessory undamaged with all additional accessories.

Annual Membership is £20 per year and which entitles you to -

  • Half Price Hire Fee of £5 for upto two weeks rather than £10. 
  • No deposit need to be left for any hires.
  • Reduced rates on all workshops and consultations.

Visit our Website for up to date information and advice.

Sling & Meet Team x